Tuesday, 16 December 2008

5 Places To Get Started With Chipmusic

The HVSC (as posted below) is only a tiny part of the surprisingly big network of genius musicians making tracks on lo-fi hardware and redundant soundchips - the modern 'chipscene' features some rocking trax, which if you dig techno/acid/electro/etc you're sure to like! Here are some places to get you started (a lot of it is free too, which is great!):

8bitpeoples - Best chipmusic label, all the greatest artists associated with chipmusic have released EPs here. Check out 'Power Supply' by Anamanaguchi for some hypermelodic NES-punk trax or 'Molen' by Gijs Gieskes for some glitchy Game Boy funk!

Retinascan - If you want to check out some great physical releases, Retinascan sell the output of plenty of ace labels and also some killer stuff of their own (check 'Atari Solo' by Stu for the most face-meltingly slamming piece of electro you'll ever hear being made on an Atari, released on a 3'' CD!).

Kittenrock - the UK's first chipmusic netlabel, everything from weird pop songs to their legendary 'Pornochip' release (has to be experienced to be believed), also check out Steve Nosurname's own release there...

8BitCollective - an overwhelming library of chipmusic and pictures, and the best forum for chipmusic on the web.

Micromusic - Some brilliant singles from just about everyone (including Cylob and EDMX!), and loads of info about making chipmusic (not to mention some very handy pages with links to freeware/etc). Once you've made some good chipmusic yourself, upload it here for the possibility of it being released on this hugely influential netlabel!


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