Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Acid Varsity Story (by Andy Jenkinson)

There once was a Varsity called "Acid Varsity" and it was good and I liked it.
But before that there was a snake with a bazooka for a tongue and it blew a
hole into the centre of the earth and acid came out and melted everyone but
then Doctor Proctor found a cure and everyone had a party at Wimpy and
then Daniel was sick on his burger and then a clown came and everyone started crying but then a robot appeared and vapourized him and turned him into a beer and the robot got drunk and started swearing at Mr. Wimpy and they had a fight and Mr Wimpy did a flying kick and a roundhouse and the robot went into the sea and started rusting and a colony of shrimps started living in his mind safe from being gobbled by naughty fish and crabs and they had a dinner party and they all wore bow ties and one said let's invent a varsity and the leader said let's buy a tb303 and thus the Acid Varsity was born.

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