Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Drive Time history

During the last years, we received many emails about the re-releasing of Drive Time, an early root of Firstcask. By then we replied "take it easy you'll get your hands on it for sure". Though we didn't know when that would happen to be honest. As you may know, Drive Time has been first released as a bonus cassette for the "FSK005" album back in the year 2000. Considering the great enthousiasm that raised for both the album and the cassette we wanted to press this one on vinyl and having another bonus cassette next to it. Just to continue offering free stuff with our sales to have the pleasure to give pleasure or something... How comes it didn't happen straight away? Sure we messed up a bit on the schedule. But you know the score with belgian latin boys... You don't? Good! Then when we finally were ready, Andy came up with the second cassette, but distributors told us it wasn't that wise because cassette players disappeared from the market! I heard there is still that flee market round the corner though! You sure? Not handy and expensive to ship but there is some kind of poetry in this. Ok, fair enough, I'm also slave of a banker who has my balls in his palm and squeeze it from time to time a bit like how Chuck Norris does when strengthening his hands. Tough I recall that by the time we shipped our catalogue through lorries carrying vegetables across Europe. We even reached the japanese shore with the diplomatic wallet, and other remote areas thanks to backpackers or friends traveling around with a bunch of records in their bags. They simply were meeting people, having a shared meal while listening to the music and then selling the records. That brought us much satisfaction as we acheived to bring the music straight from the musician's fingers to the ears of any unknown happy ravers. It worked quite well at the time but was more than exhausting to maintain. Especially to collect money. Can you blame one of these wayfarers spending the benefits just made on buying that boat ticket to get out of Taiwan? Or for that slideshow for kids in Senegal were there is no screen but well a white horse to project on to "for not that much". Quite poetic indeed but the financial results remained at sea level. Still it is. And water is rising! But Weme records is there to give a hand. Cheers mate! Then together we are proud to bring you the brew which stayed for 10 years in the cask. This is half an image as the metalworks stayed untouched since 2003 at the pressingplant. We called them every two years to make sure they wouldn't chuck it in the bin. That would have been a shame because it took us multiple sessions and a few lacquers to cut this piece onto acetate. Nearly tirty minutes per side from sparkling water to deep bass. How to describe Drive Time other than being a wayfarer's anthem? First Cask wayfaring arose early 2000 when we first traveled together with Andy and Joy (Andy's girlfriend of the time who appears on the cover) from Hull to the North East of England. We went up to Whitby, where Dracula's coffin ashored. Not that far away from Robin Hood's bay if you're familiar with that beautiful region. We drove for hours by bus and taxi with litterally hundreds of Ceephax unreleased tracks (earliests from 1997 I think) while staring at tortured trees, windy landscapes, ruined abbays, english seagulls and english carpets... TBC

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