Saturday, 13 December 2008

An introduction to low power FM transmission (or pirate radio basics...) part 1

Important notice: this information is for educational purpose only.

We hope to make you conversant with the main principles and methods of fm propagation.
If you intend to "break-in" the fm band, don't read any further!

Beginner's guide to low power broadcasting:

"Before you commit to your first broadcast - it would be advisable to have an attorney
available, who is sympathetic to the cause."

"...It's fairly easy for the DTI to track a transmission back to its source, by triangulating the signal."

"In court dress neatly and be polite to the bastard (magistrate) and the filth"
Before we go any further please have a look at:

In the next articles, we'll have a closer look at:

- What equipment do I need (part2)?

- What frequency should I choose(part3)?

- How far will my signal go (part4)?

- Considerations on dynamics (part 5).

Hope it will be of some inspiration for those interested in FM propagation.

Happy reading!

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