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- Is it fairly easy to set up a portable fm pirate radio station? Contest results

Chelmsford radar

Here are the finalists of the "Drive Time Contest", cheers for your cool answers, unfortunately we would have love to send out some more copies, but the Drive Time Vinyl is already almost deleted...

And the winners are:

Chris, from Dronfield, UK
Warren, from South Bend, USA
Eddie, from Mexico City.

Guys, you've been randomly chosen from the answers below.

Items will be sent shortly, thanks to WEME records who helps taking care of our catalogue. Hope you'll enjoy the music!
Massive thanks to all people who participated, we'll remember you.
Here are some other cool answers we received:


Chris, from Dronfield, UK

A: Yes if you don't mind being arrested.


Jack Tullip, from X, X

A: yes my friends it's very easy to start a pirate station.
the hard part is to keep it goin'.


Alessio, from Helsinki, Finland

A: Actually, nowadays it's quite easy.
What you need is:
- an antenna
- a laptop
- vinyls
- a vinyl player
x- a cat
The antenna, the laptop, the vinyls and the vinyl player can be stored in the same bag. The cat need its own when carried around. When you arrive on the next place, be the train station, the train, your room or an internet cafe' downtown, just switch on your Linux laptop, and power the antenna and the vinyl player. The antenna will permit you a short range coverage for your pirate radio station, internet connection and Linunx programs will broadcast to the rest of the world. Once those few step are done, start playing the first vinyl, and let the cat scratch it around, clockwise or anticlockwise, as it feels like. Then move to the next vinyl. And then to the next, until you have to move to the next place.
Last but not least, remember to feed the cat.
Hope you enjoy it,


Warren, from South Bend, USA

A: It's really not that easy to set up a FM Portable Pirate station. First off you'd have to have a wheelbarrow full of Jean Michel Jarre live concert bootlegs. Because the only real Pirate station worth having, is one dealing strictly in JMJ concert recordings. If you were so lucky to have 500 audience recorded bootlegs of JMJ, you'd have to spend the time transferring the cassette audio to vinyl. One knows that the only way to listen to JMJ is on vinyl transfered from shoddy cassette bootlegs. Can you imagine the instant satisfaction of tuning into an FM station and hearing the beaming transmissions of the JMJ light synthesizer melting your face off?!
If only it were so easy....


Dieter, from Brakel, Belgium

A: I think it is fairly easy to set up a portable fm pirate radio station, if you build this simple transmitter which can be found here:
Of course it also depends on how handy you are with building electronic circuits, I know I'm not that handy :-) The frequency can be tuned from 88 to about 94Mhz so not the whole FM band is covered. I really enjoyed reading this blog, very interesting stuff! It's really interesting to see how inventive those pioneers usually were. I visited the Marconi Villa in Bologna this summer where some of Marconi's experiments are demonstrated.
Thanks for the interesting blog,


Ed, from Worthing, UK

A: Yes (ish)
1) get rum
2) parrot nb. NOT dead (just sleeping)
2)a)i) get hook
3) get radio
if you have the right equipment, you can relay the signal to a remote/unexpected location and have you station untraceable or at least harder to find ie the sussex downs or a towerblock
then just publicise.
as for DAB - im clueless


Joe, from Kidderminster, UK

A: Of course but only with the help of Scatman John & Uncle John from Jamaica!


Chris, from Falmouth, UK

A: How easy it is depends on how badly you want/need to spread horrible acid music up & down the country.


Michael, from Cumbria, UK

A: hey caskers
i'd say it is easy to set up a pirate radio station, if you could shrink down like Rick Moronis (Anis? Anus?) and make the whole studio out of tin cans and copper wire from the disembowled stomachs of forgotten ancient talking barbie dolls. A macabre thought I know but once Barbie is dead, should we not harvest her organs?


Leo, from Stuttgart, Germany

A: Hi there!
> - Is it fairly easy to set up a portable fm pirate radio station?
technically it's really easy - i think the biggest problem is to fill all the broadcasting time.
a while ago we had the plan to build dozens of cheap little fm transmitters, all on different frequencies, and hide them all over the city. but we didn't realise this cuz all the cassette players needed would have been too expensive. at the current 2nd hand walkman prices it's probably worth doing though.
on the other hand we're already running the _hyperground radio shows on our local noncommercial radio station ( the station doesn't really have rules regarding content or musical choices, so setting up a pirate radio station here in stuttgart is a bit redundant (except for the street credibility)
all the best,
leo (and the _hyperground team)
i only got a pair of socks for christmas and would be super-happy to play andy's drive time tape on the show ;)

Eddie, from Mexico City, Mexico

A: Of course it is, with the right set of tools (a correct tape player, preamp, transmitter, band pass filter,a powerful antena and of course some fairy dust everythings possible. And well if youre looking for portable just take your mind with you and sing them tunes in your head, with luck someone capable of telepathy will cath your signal!!!


X, from X, X

A: Yes, it's a piece of piss. There's an episode of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles where Krang does it to control everyone so that might help if you're interested in getting involved. An actual easy way of doing it is with one of those Itrip things or something similar, but then you'll only be able to play your show to people in your car or those in range of your speakers.


Wayne, from Parkville, USA

A: My answer to the pirate radio station question follows?
It is not too difficult. First you get an eye patch, peg leg, parrot, ship and crew. Find the buried treasure chest filled with a preamplifier, transmitter, bandpass filter, power supply, mast, antenna and cables. Then set up the broadcasting site in international waters. Lastly, in order to keep rocking have your crew use the ship's canons to protect the broadcasting site.


And a late answer from New York City which didn't count for the contest but a nice one though:

A: It is indeed fairly easy to set up a portable FM Pirate radio station. If by easy you mean fashionable, FM you mean Fairly Mature, Pirate you mean 40-something single mother, radio station you mean Pina Colada, then yes its incredibly easy. The soundtrack to this email is Lovers Acid for your information in case you would like to better understand my reasoning.

1. Go to Flash Dancers at 57th and Broadway in central mid town Manhattan.
2. Ask for Elizabeth. She is russian, 5'10" blonde and ridiculously fake looking.
i. Drop my name if you wish, It may bring you to the front of the queue.
3. Once seated, ask her to demonstrate, rather indulge you in a lap-dance.
i. Keep your hands to yourself. Try sitting on them to keep yourself from getting escorted out of the venue. It helps.
4. At 4 am the show stops. Men stumble to the street covered in glitter from the breasts of the dancers. This is always really weird and awkward.
5. Go home, think about your life, make a tune.
6. Wake up invigorated. Look outside, the sun is shinning. Its 2 pm for Christ sake.
7. Make a pirate radio station.



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