Friday, 6 February 2009


"To challenge someone in some way. Or to put someone on blast:
I don't think you've really lost 300 pounds - you just say you have. Produce some Before & After photos. I'm calling you out!"

Hey guys, you're now reading us from all around the globe (yeah, the line is circular and slides along the equator, globally), as well as listening to our music, apart from Antarctica, or really deep into Sahara, or North Korea and China (though we know you're out there m8z!).

So why not submit some stuff you want us to post, so that the other parts of the planet can share the knowledge?

Send us emails guys, or post your intentions in the comments, we're all up to learn some new things!!!

p.s.: we're not suffering of a lack of things to post, at all, there's shitloads more to come, but we're expecting, and would really really, really, love some global participation and common sharing....

Come on the crew!!!! Let's rave!!! And scroll down the page!!!



ThisisNot said...

hey first cask.. i have new ep i'd wouldnt mind you taking a listen to.. so if i have your ears..point your browser to here

Welcome to Firstcask Records! said...

Yo Dylan, cheerz for the link mate.

Welcome to Firstcask Records! said...

@Dylan: any stuff about music history, sound behavior, or anything else to share with the readers mate?

Would be very welcome!